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1?? But once Bill started talking, the IBM men were impressed. They could see taht Bill knew computers -- inside and out.

inside and out表示“里里外外”,也就是“精通”的意思。

2?? Just because he was smart and used big words didnt mean he wasnt good at sports.

just because...doesnt mean是口语中常见的一个句型,表示“仅仅因为....不意味着...”。这里just beacuse引导的状语作为主语。也有人会写成Just becasue... it doesnt mean...

3?? Bill excelled in math and science.

excel in表示“擅长”,可以用来替换我们常说的be good at

4?? They also thought he was hogging time at the Teletype machine.

hog表示独占”。例如寝室里只有一个卫生间,有的人每次使用都要好久,我们就可以说他hogging the bathroom。

5?? Just in the nick of time, the program was ready.

in the nick of time表示“关键时刻”

6?? Bill had always had a nose for business.

have a nose for表示“善于发现” “对...敏感”,这个表达很形象。例如“善于发现问题”就可以说Eric has a nose for trouble.

7?? By that time, Netscape had already cornered more than 90 percent of browser sales.


8?? Bill learned it all by heart and amazed the minister.

by heart表示“背下来了”,熟烂于心。例如我会背林肯的《葛底斯堡演讲》就可以说I know Gettysburg Address by heart.

9?? New workers were sometimes taken aback by bill.

be taken aback表示“大吃吃惊” 

?? Now he found that married life with Melinda suited him to a tee.

to a tee也可以写为to a T,表示“perfectly right”,恰好。

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